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Membership of EICA is a recognized qualification in the field of accountancy. The specialisation in Accounting, Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Finance Management, Taxation and Auditing equips them with suitable skills to represent themselves at executive position in an organisation.

role of chartered accountants in business

Chartered Accountants (CAs) are equipped with all the necessary skills to develop a World Class Finance Organisation which provides reliable and timely information for critical business decisions. The modern day Chartered Accountants serve as a business partner of the organization rather than merely a support function. Their role in risk identification and business planning is critical for the growth of the business which ultimately results in enhancing shareholders value proposition.

Global Reach

Chartered Accountancy is a prestigious professional qualification that has a global recognition. The opportunities available to Chartered Accountants are not limited to their native country only. The knowledge gained through rigorous exam preparation of a globally applicable curriculum coupled with hands on practical experience gained during the training period enables them to deal with the real world business challenges.

Bright Career Prospects

Chartered Accountants have varied bright career paths. In addition to opportunity of having lucrative jobs with strong career growth prospects they have the option to start their own professional practice. The services are again of varied types including:

  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Management consulting
  • ERPs
  • Tax Consulting
  • Investment management
CAs have a history of climbing the career ladder fast enough via their competence, integrity and critical role in business growth across the platforms of the organization.