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Detailed study material in accordance to the syllabus of the exam papers are developed and published by European Institute of Chartered Accountants. This comprehensive and detailed study material ensures that all parts of syllabus are covered with adequate exam level questions for effective understanding to enable students for effective preparations for their exams.

Study textbooks are available for the following exam paper subjects:

Exam ID Title Action
FL1 Introduction to Financial Accounting view
FL2 Cost Accounting view
FL3 Economics and Quantitative methods view
Exam ID Title Action
PL1 Taxation Principles view
PL2 Business Law view
PL3 Financial Reporting & Analysis view
PL4 Audit & Assurance view
PL5 Management Decision Information view
PL6 Business, Communication and Information Technology view
Exam ID Title Action
AL1 Advanced Taxation view
AL2 Advanced Financial Reporting & Analysis view
AL3 Strategic Financial Management view
AL4 Advanced Assurance view