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To complete CA qualification and attain CA membership of EICA, a candidate is required to pass all the exams (or claim exemptions) and meet practical experience requirement.


The Exams have to be passed in the sequence listed above. Each exam is of 100 marks and is of 3 hours duration. The passing mark for each exam is 50.
Exam ID Title
FL1 Introduction to Financial Accounting
FL2 Cost Accounting
FL3 Economics and Quantitative methods
Exam ID Title
PL1 Taxation Principles
PL2 Business Law
PL3 Financial Reporting & Analysis
PL4 Audit & Assurance
PL5 Management Decision Information
PL6 Business, Communication and Information Technology
Exam ID Title
AL1 Advanced Taxation
AL2 Advanced Financial Reporting & Analysis
AL3 Strategic Financial Management
AL4 Advanced Assurance
Exemptions are available to candidates who meet the exemption requirements. For details see the Exemptions section.

Practical Experience Requirement

To complete the CA qualification and receive full membership, the candidate needs to complete 3 years of practical experience requirement under supervision of qualified accountant which can be either of CA, CPA and CMA being a full member of recognized professional body. The Practical experience should be in the field of Accounting and/or Auditing and/or Finance and/or Taxation. The 3 years Practical experience can be attained at any time before, during or after the exams.

The candidate will need to submit his experience certificate letter on the organisation letterhead duly signed by the supervisor. The copy of experience certificate should be attested by the notary of the country of residence.

The practical Work Experience should ensure that it meets the performance objectives as outlined below:

  • Record and process transactions and events
  • Prepare external financial reports
  • Analyse and interpret financial reports
  • Tax computations and assessments
  • Tax compliance and verification
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Evaluate investment and financing decisions
  • Manage and control working capital
  • Identify and manage financial risk
  • Evaluate management accounting systems
  • Plan and control performance
  • Monitor performance
  • Prepare for and plan the audit and assurance process
  • Collect and evaluate evidence for an audit or assurance engagement
  • Review and report on the findings of an audit or assurance engagement
  • Business advisory
  • Data analysis and decision support
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Governance, risk and control
  • Leadership and management


Candidate may be eligible to claim exemptions for certain exam papers as well as Practical Experience Requirements. For details see Exemptions section

Pathway membership

Members of other recognized professional bodies are eligible for Pathway membership. Post Graduates of recognized Universities with adequate work experience can also be eligible for Pathway membership. For details see the Pathway Membership section