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Formal Recognition

Learning Providers registered with EICA receives formal recognition of being leading learning providers for the quality tuition and support that they offer to our EICA students. It is the platform where we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship, increasing the global availability of effective and innovative course delivery and first-class student support.


We regard our relationship with learning providers as fundamental to the success of EICA. The provision of good tuition, wherever we have students, is a key factor in assisting students in the successful completion of their examinations.

Performance Enhancement

Our Registered Learning Providers demonstrate that they meet our performance targets, representing global best practice in the provision of course tuition and support. The registered Learning Providers demonstrate their success in supporting students through EICA exams preparation and support our students with the opportunity to succeed. Learning Providers also provide career counseling to students in order to meet the CA qualification membership requirements.


As a Registered Learning Provider, you can enjoy our range of resources and tailored support. Our registered Learning Provider demonstrates that they meet challenging performance targets, representing global best practice in the provision of course tuition and support.

Student Registration

All registered student applicants for exams and exemptions need to be associated with a Registered Learning Provider. Being a Registered Learning Provider increases possibilities of more number of student enrollments with the Registered learning Provider.

Performance Reward

Registered Learning Providers are generously rewarded by EICA based on the performance as defined in the terms and conditions of bilateral agreement.

Joint Course Program

EICA offers a number of Joint courses in collaboration with its Registered Learning Providers. A number of Certifications, Diplomas and Degrees are offered by Registered Learning Providers which are duly accepted for exemptions to specific courses and exams.

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