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Educational requirements for an accounting professional depend on a number of factors including the specific nature of the job and the employing company. Plenty of entry-level staff accountants have only bachelor's degrees or Master degrees. Almost without exception, companies of all sizes prefer professionally qualified accountants attained from professional accountancy bodies with designated letters like CA. These qualified accountants do not only have theoretical knowledge attained in their study syllabus but most importantly they have at least three years of relevant work experience to attain their qualification. Therefore these qualified accountancy professionals are valued high among the employing companies.

Accounting is a broad profession in which an array of personality types and skill sets can achieve significant success in their career. Whether you prefer to sit in a cubicle poring over financial statements and imputing complex formulas into spreadsheets, or analyze companies' management practices from the top down and present to the CEO a list of areas where efficiency could be improved, you can find a career path that suits your goals within the field of accounting.

Accounting profession features a number of broad career types including public accounting, industry accounting, auditing, tax accounting and finance management to name some of the significant ones among many. With accountancy qualification membership with European Institute of Chartered Accountants you can find hundreds of unique positions and career paths. One of the benefits of working in accounting is that there are opportunities to work your way up the corporate ladder. Once you have some professional experience under your belt, you can start exploring more advanced positions. Our job analysis helped us identify some of the most common accounting job titles for professionals with between two and eight years of experience:

• Accounting manager
• Cost accountant
• Accounting analyst
• Controller
• Audit manager
• Tax accountant

Knowing you have a variety of opportunities and room to grow should give you the confidence you need to take the next step in launching your new career. If you’re confident that accounting is the career for you, then there’s no point in waiting to get started. Register at European Institute of Chartered Accountants to start your journey towards a prestigious and high demand qualification.