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Adoption of digital technologies has transformed most of the accounting and finance professionals worldwide. Survey reports show that there have been increased levels of digital adoption including social media, Cloud, Edge, data analytics and visualization. A large number of accountants have found themselves in transition to remote working. These changes in the work practices pose both challenges and opportunities for accountants. The demand for accountants in Europe has witnessed significant increase for their services despite many countries struggling to roll their economies. The demand for qualified Chartered Accountant members have increased and it is projected to further increase in coming months amid the recovery of recession phase due to Covid-19 Pandemic. The digital adoption is presenting the accounting and finance professionals to achieve meaningful experiences. Therefore, the members of European Institute of Chartered Accountants who are learning the relevant skills are finding high career placements among employers in EU countries. Due to shortage of qualifies accountant’s availability in European Countries; many European companies are seeking to employ qualified Chartered Accountants from developing countries in Asia and Africa. Therefore, it is not surprising to witness growing demand for qualification membership at European Institute of Chartered Accountants in recently.

If you are a qualified Chartered Accountant then you need to know the digital tools for yourself because if you fall behind on this knowledge, you’ll soon find yourself stressed and scrabbling around. Meanwhile all the other account managers are flying high who are adapting to the new era of digital needs. You need to know for your team because they look to you for advice. If you misinform them you’re not only damaging the quality of the work you turn out but you’re also harming their development. You need to know for your clients because they look to you to be an expert in your field and know what’s best for them.

The following Digital Apps are useful for practicing accountants to be considered in their work routine:


Evernote is used as a way to manage taking notes both on calls as well as email conversations. Evernote creates folders per topic and account and also allows creating a folder for all ideas that are bounced back and forth. Evernote allows creating a visual checklist of actionable items to follow.


Calendly allows to send a link to your calendar and lets people book based on the times available, Create meeting types with times, setting meeting parameters, setting reminders for both yourself and your client.


Boomerang for Gmail allows you schedule, auto respond and autofill your emails in a just a few clicks. It includes pre-schedule emails, follow up reminders and email writing assistance. is a web-based flowchart manager which is incredibly easy to use and access. It comes with a bunch of pre-built diagrams that you can use to start which makes it easy to make complex drawings easily.


Trello is the best way to visually manage tasks from day-to-day tasks, weekly breakdowns of work, and work in collaboration with other departments. Trello allows for many third-party apps to work in collaboration with each other like Gmail and Evernote.


Slack is the best way to manage communication within a company and potentially, with clients. Conversation can be easily searched and looked at, and the ability to collaborate on channels keeps the conversation going between groups flowing. It’s small shortcuts like this that add up and save me minutes to hours in a week