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Plan Well

Consistent study hours prior to your exams will produce high quality preparation. How much study hours are required for a particular exam will vary from subject to subject and person to person. Therefore, a good plan at the start of preparation period is very important. And follow your designed plan with devotion.

Study full syllabus

It is normal to be tempted for studying selective topics of the subject presumed important and not studying some topics presuming unimportant. This is one of the biggest mistakes during studies that a student does. It is an established fact that mostly the examiner chooses an unexamined topic when preparing an exam paper. Therefore, deciding on selective topics for exam preparation is unwise.

Prepare Notes

After studying the portion of textbook, it is better to prepare a summary of key points of topics studies in form of notes. This will help you in quick revision near the exam when studying again from detailed textbook will not be possible due to time constraints. Preparation of notes helps in efficient study preparation for exams.


After studying the syllabus, it is very important to practice exam level questions as much as possible. In your planning, you must include time provision for adequate practice. This will improve your preparation for the exams.


Not only the entire syllabus must be studied but also a number of revisions of the studied syllabus is necessary to retain the contents in mind. Therefore, in planning your studies for exam preparation you must keep time provision for revisions. This will help to prepare for exams in effective manner.

Mock Exam

Attempting a mock exam imitating exam conditions especially in time constraint is found to be very effective for chartered accountancy students for their exam preparations. It is advised to Mock exam at least once during your final preparation of exams.